What is a Website? Explanation, Types & Functions of the Website

What is a Website? Explanation, Types & Functions of the Website

What is a Website? Explanation, Types & Functions of the Website - Many people are looking for an explanation of what a website is? And why do we make a website. Basically what you are reading now is an example of a simple website that has information in it without realizing it at least we can know what a Website is.

What is a Website?

A website is a collection of web pages (blogs, web pages, sites, sites) that are interconnected, websites generally contain a collection of information provided by people, groups, or organizations that are written in a CMS (Content Management System).

After we know the explanation of what a website is, now is the time to get to know about CMS or a complete Content Management System.

What is a CMS?

CMS is a software or programming language that helps us create, develop, change and manage website pages without having coding skills A content management system is a tool that helps us go through the process of creating programming codes or systems that serve as a place to store pages and other content on hosting. With a CMS, we can immediately focus on determining the design, creating content, etc.

With the CMS, creating a website is not difficult, where we can choose a paid or free CMS. For beginners is better to use a free CMS first.

Types and Examples of Websites.

Basically a website can be distinguished from us seeing what content is in it, a website can be divided into 2 types, namely a static website and a dynamic website, where if it is categorized based on the content of a website, it can be differentiated into several types and even up to a dozen categories.


This type of personal website generally has all things that are personal, you can write content in the form of opinions, confides, literary works, reviews or your personal journey maybe. But of course it must be in a language that is as attractive as possible to attract readers.


Media is a website that has news information, which is packaged accurately and released quickly. Examples of web media are Tribunnews.com, Detik.com or kompas.com.


Online shop is no stranger to our ears. E-commerce websites give a place to buy and sell, both goods and services, new and used, from well-known brands to even without brands. Any website that facilitates people to transact can be categorized into e-commerce websites. For example Shopee, Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Olx.


What is a community website? The community websites contain content published by registered contributors in that community. Examples of this website are Wikipedia and Kaskus.


Whatever the type, if the content of the main content of the website is something that can be entertaining, it is an entertainment website or blog. Media and entertainment websites are very similar, especially in presenting the latest information content. The difference is, entertainment websites prioritize the fun aspect. For example is YouTube.


This company website usually only displays information about all things that contain the company profile. Description of products or advantages of the company.

That's a little explanation of the types of websites and examples of websites from several categories. So what's the difference between a blog and a website? At first glance, the blog and the website look the same, but in fact they have slight differences.

The Difference Between a Website and a Blog.

Knowing what a website is does not mean that you understand what the difference is between a blog and a website. Believing or not believing this is a trivial matter, but it can be a fatal if left unchecked. Many people who are still lay confused about the difference between a Website and a Blog.

Website is a place or container where blog content is stored. The website releases content according to the owner's vision and mission, while blogs release content in chronological order, which is sorted by the time the content was published. Blog is a type of website whose content is published based on chronology from newest to oldest. Blogs are usually used by someone who wants to publish personal content and tries to get closer to readers by including a comment column. However, many blogs contain non-personal information or are part of other websites.

A blog is definitely a website. Blog is part of a website. On the other hand, not all websites are blogs or blogs. Both websites and blogs can be created using a CMS.

Website Functions

The function of the website is as a means or tool to give information to the public. The website is used to convey something that will educate readers about certain topics. For example news, tutorials, entertainment, tutorials, or information that readers consider important.

That is a brief explanation of what a website is, types of websites, examples of websites, and the functions of the website itself which are reviewed briefly, hopefully useful.

Thank you.