How to Check DA PA to Determine the Quality of Website SEO

How to Check DA PA to Determine the Quality of Website SEO

How to check DA PA to determine quality seo website? - To determine the SEO ranking of a Google website, Google no longer uses pagerank which was officially announced in 2014. Of course with the announcement made SEO experts confused in addition to being the center of attention of SEO masters 

John Muller said that "It is likely we will not update Pagerank further in the future".

As a result of the death of the pagerank tool, for now the Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) have become the SEO Standards for a website. With DA PA we can measure the quality of a website or blog. The higher the value, the better the quality of the website. Alternatively, DA and PA can replace Google's pagerank metrics to determine the quality of a website.

For more details, read the following discussion of What is DA and What is PA:

What is Domain Authority (DA)

DA stands for Domain Authority or people know it as DA is a reference or tool made to rank a website or blog by search engines. The DA PA metric scale is from 1 to 100, the bigger the number the DA ranking gets, the better it is to compete on Google search engines.

There are 3 things that determine the high or low DA value of a website or blog, namely:

Age Domain

A high DA value is usually owned by an old domain, so don't be surprised if the older the domain, the higher the DA score. However, with a blog note, you must update quality content regularly. Because with a high DA value, it shows that the website is consistent in creating content so that Google has the right to give high appreciation, websites with high DA rankings have the effect of getting rankings easily on search pages.

Domain Popularity

The more famous the website you have, it can be seen from the number of incoming links pointing to your website, of course, coming from quality websites. It should be noted for the quality of the incoming links, not the number. Incoming links pointing to your website are called backlinks or in other words, inbound links.

How to get backlinks is of course by creating quality content, so that many websites or blogs are interested in recommending your website to search engines. Another solution that you can do is to be a guest post on a quality website that has the same discussion as your website category.

Domain Size

Domain size can be seen from the amount of quality content that you have published. The more content you publish, the bigger the size of the domain you have. So you need to factor in the cost of investing in quality content. Of these three things, the search engine, especially Google, will determine how much your website's Domain Authority score is. Domain Authority is one of the many metrics that search engines use to determine how qualified a domain is.

What is Page Authority (PA)

After knowing what is Domain Authority, it will be followed by the term Page Authority (PA). Is Page Authority the same as Domain Authority? At first glance it looks the same but of course it's not the same. Page Authority is an assessment of the quality or not a web page on a search engine.

It can be said that DA is the entire content of the domain, so PA is only the page. Both are a unit usually the DA score is lower than the PA score. How to check DA and PA How to check DA PA on a website? For those who feel confused about how to check DA and PA, don't need to worry because the method is very easy.

There are several websites that you can use for free to check DA PA a website, here is the list:

How to check DA PA Blog / Website?

  1. Please open the website
  2. Enter the Domain name that you will check DA and PA.
  3. Select I'm not a Robot and then click "Check"
  4. Please see the results how many DA and PA domain scores you checked.

It turns out that it's quite easy, isn't it the way to check DA and PA blogs? I hope this article is useful